Standby Options

Nature Trail policy is that for any tour, we accept a minimum of 2 participants and a maximum of 6 participants.  Once we have confirmed 6 booked participants on any tour, that tour is deemed to be fully booked.

However, experience shows us that from time to time, booked participants do happen to cancel.   So therefore, once a tour is fully booked, we offer a ‘Standby Option‘ on a tentative basis to subsequent applicants.  Each standby booking is conditional on Nature Trail receiving a timely cancellation notification from a booked participant and then being able to communicate a standby booking in a timely manner.

Nature Trail reserves sole discretionary right to accept or reject any standby booking.

For each Standby Booking, we process a tour booking in the usual way including securing a tour application, participant agreement, prepayment and preparation arrangements.

Timely Cancellation Notification?

Nature Trail policy requires that we must receive a cancellation notification from a booked participant at least 24 hours before the ‘Scheduled Start Time‘ of a given tour and that this be during our booking office hours (9am to 5pm Mon-Sat).

This notice period so enables us reasonable time to firstly acknowledge the cancellation and then secondly to notify and accept a Standby Booking as a replacement.

In the interest of fairness, Nature Trail accepts bookings for every tour on a ‘first-come-first-served’ basis.  This likewise applies to standby bookings.

Standby Bookings do NOT apply to any Tailored Tours.