Tour Prices

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Please read our Pricing Policy at the bottom of this page


Hiking Tours

(Includes our bespoke Range Rover transport service from and return to Katoomba Railway Station)

  • Short Hiking Tours (2-3 hours):
    • Jamison Valley (Katoomba) $70
    • Jamison Valley (Wentworth Falls)  $90
    • Grose Valley  $120
  • Half-Day Hiking Tours (3-4 hours)
    • Jamison Valley (Katoomba) $90
    • Jamison Valley (Wentworth Falls)  $100
    • Grose Valley  $150
  • Full-Day Hiking Tours (4-8 hours):   Jamison Valley $150  |   Jamison Valley (Wentworth Falls)  $150   |   Grose Valley  $150


Wilderness Experiences

(#):   Wilderness Short Experience Tour (2-3 hours):             $70

(#):   Wilderness Indulgence Experience Half-Day Tour (3-5 hours):      $100

(#):   Wilderness Variety Experiences Full-Day Tour (5-8 hours):     $300 – $600

Nature Workshops

Tour Type Brief: (TBA)

Nature Workshop Tour (2-3 hours):          $90

Nature Workshop Tour (4 hours):           $120

Guided Gardens Tours

Tour Type Outline:  (TBA)

2x Morning Guided Gardens  (Expert Guided Everglades + Leura Mystery Garden)  (3 hours):   $160 

2x Morning Guided Gardens + Leisurely Café Lunch + 1x Afternoon Guided Garden  (6 hours):   $300

Blue Mountains Village Tours

Tour Type Outline:   We drive you and street walk with you each respective village.  Our our Director has lived in the Blue Mountains for 20 years and has deeply researched each village.  We deliver researched commentary focusing on high street features, village history,  built heritage, fascinating historical tales, contemporary news; plus local insights into attractions, shops, galleries and eateries.  Ad hoc questions are most welcomed during the tour.

  • Katoomba Village Tour    $40
  • Leura Village Tour     $40
  • Medlow Bath Village Tour (includes Hydro Majestic)     $40
  • Wentworth Falls Village Tour     $50
  • Blackheath Village Tour      $50
  • Mount Victoria Village Tour     $50
  • Old Hartley Village Tour      $60

Backroads + Heritage Tours

Tour Type Outline:   (TBA)  Country Road Touring beyond the Blue Mountains into the Central Tablelands countryside taking the backroads less travelled and calling in on welcoming rural locals.

  • Full-Day Tour (includes gourmet catering)  $250

Arts & Craft Trails

  • Full-Day Tour (includes 6 galleries, gourmet catering, extras)  $250

Extended Driving Tours

  • Prices on Application

Tailored Charters

  • Choose from any of our tours or combinations of tours, or propose your own ideas reasonably within limits and within the Blue Mountains and Central Tablelands region – we shall work hard to design and deliver the best possible
  • Pricing on Application

Guest Transfer Fees:

With prior arrangement at the time of booking, we offer an extra service to collect and return our guests to/from our Tour Meetup Location, typically Katoomba, from/to anywhere in the Upper Blue Mountains (between Wentworth Falls and Mount Victoria).

Our Guest Transfer Fees are set according to the dedicated time involved.  Fees are on the basis of each specific transfer location, not per guest per se.  So for instance, if there are four guests requesting transfer from one specific location in Leura to our Tour Meetup Location in Katoomba, the total transfer price is $10 for all four guests from their accommodation before the tour, then $10 for all four guests back to their accommodation after the tour.  A separate et

Guests may arrange for transfer pickup and drop off to any place of their choosing, not just at their accommodation, solong as the location is between Wentworth Falls and Mount Victoria, safe and accessible.

  • Katoomba  $5
  • Leura  $10
  • Medlow Bath  $10
  • Wentworth Falls  $15
  • Blackheath (central)  $15
  • Blackheath (outskirts)  $20
  • Mount Victoria  $25

Our Pricing is more reasonable than taxis fares.  And note that if the booked tour involves us travelling through one of the above locations, then our Guest Transfer Fee is a flat $5 per location, because we are not going much out of our way to collect/drop off.

Pricing Policy:

  • Prices are per Tour Guest:  Our tour prices are per tour guest, on the basis of a minimum per tour of 2 tour guests and a maximum of 4.   Our choice tour vehicle is our customed-fitted P38 Range Rover ‘Excalibur‘ designed for small group touring, including off road as required.  It comfortably seats 4 guests plus our Tour Director as tour leader and driver.  If the P38 is not available for any reason, we provide a suitable backup vehicle at a 20% discount.
  • Car Tag-Along Flexibility:  While our tour vehicle has capacity for up to 4 tour guests, we welcome an additional 2 tour guests to tag-along in their own car to join in our hiking tours.   For safety and National Parks protocol reasons, our hiking group numbers are restricted to a maximum of 6 tour guests under the guidance of our Tour Director.   For non-hiking tours we are more flexible and welcome up to an additional 6 tour guests to tag-along in their own car(s) to join in.  Such prior requests at the time of booking are mandatory.
  • Solo Guests:  We welcome solo guests on any of our tours, mindful that for any tour to be financially viable to us we charge an additional Solo Guest Premium.  This fee is based upon our dedicated time as follows:
    • Short Tour (2-3 hours)  Add $30
    • Half Day Tour  (3-4 hours) Add $50
    • Full Day Tour  (4-7 hours)  Add $100
    • Longer Tours  (Price on Application)
    • Still, solo guests truly reap an exclusive benefit by receiving a dedicated one-on-one personal and chauffeured service attention from our Tour Director throughout the tour.
  • All Tours are Prepaid:  We offer a choice of paying by VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX, DISCOVER, PAYPAL OR CASH (Australian Currency).  We can arrange payment by email, over the phone, or if you have already arrived in the Blue Mountains then we can meet you in advance in person (Wentworth Falls to Mount Victoria) to answer any queries that you may have about a tour and to process your payment on the spot using our secure PayPal device.  We will email you a receipt at the time of the transaction.
  • Tour Extras such as Guest Transfer, Lunch, and Guest Provisions Pack are available for nominal additional charges.  Please notifiy us at the time of your tour booking, if any of these Tour Extras are of interest to you.
  • Tax Free:  We do not charge 10% GST (tax) because Nature Trail is not GST-registered.  This means that our guests already save 10% by booking a tour with Nature Trail. 🙂
  • AUD:  All tour prices are in Australian dollars.