‘Mountains Tracks’ Blog

Welcome to our ‘Mountain Tracks‘ blog expressing views and insights about goings on out in the Blue Mountains, hosted and edited by one of our regular Mountains hikers ‘Flex‘.

Bushfires Killing Tourism
By Tour Director / January 29, 2020

Bushfire Eco-financial Loss

For the past five years I have invested in a start-up tour operation based in Katoomba in the heart of...

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By Flex / June 24, 2019

Bus overtourism overcrowds Leura village amenity

Fifty buses a day - huge tourist coaches and mini-buses - concentrate on retail Leura Mall.  It's crazy and unfair.  ...

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Mountains Weather
By Flex / May 27, 2019

Katoomba’s a bit fresh today

We've got the first snow flurry in Katoomba for 2019.  Global cooling has hit the Blue Mountains.   In fact the...

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By Flex / April 13, 2019

Grand Incontinence and the defecation of Dardanelles

Some tourists are pigs.  They defile world heritage as a toilet. Our colleague while hiking along Dardanelles Pass last month,...

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Mountains Rescues
By Flex / March 9, 2019

Lincoln’s Rock Selfie Tourism

A warped and reckless trend in Blue Mountains selfie tourism is to flaunt death at Wedding Rock on Kings Tableland...

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Mountains Tourism Oligopoly
By Flex / March 7, 2019

Katoomba’s latest glossy tourist lair disturbingly exploits local slaves to feed dominate operators

Ugly mass tourism has a new glossy tourist entrapment office at top of Katoomba. Katoomba's latest glossy tourist lair disturbingly...

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Mountains Weather
By Flex / January 27, 2019

Katoomba’s Golf Ball Hail Storm

An intense thunderstorm on Wednesday 23rd January from 2:30pm dumped golf ball sized hail on Katoomba in the Upper Blue...

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Invasive Tourism
By Flex / January 22, 2019

Ban drones in the Blue Mountains

Australia’s recreational drone safety rules have been around since 2002 and are designed to protect other people in the air...

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Lost Hikers
By Flex / January 9, 2019

Woodford Dam has mobile connectivity?

On 1st January, a pair of 23-year·old newlywed from America got lost around Woodford Dam. They were able to call...

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Bad Attitudes in the Mountains
By Flex / November 10, 2018

When Polk ‘Salad’ Sammy rode into Katoomba

There once ruled a coercive Canadian, Big bully Sammy had rode into town, Her fiefdom in our tourist office, Hated...

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