Tour Calendar

Nature Trail offers a range of different tours from Hiking Tours to Road Touring to extended Trekking Tours throughout the Blue Mountains Region and beyond on a seasonal programme basis each year [Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter].

Check our Tour Calendar below for up and coming Programme Tours.  Normally, we try to update our Tour Calendar on a seasonal basis two weeks prior to the next season starting.

Lockdown Update (as at 16th February 2021):  Please note that we have been commercially inactive over the past year due to the bushfire emergency locking out tourism to our region and then the pandemic breaching Australian quarantine and locking out travel to Australia globally. These government lockdowns are outside our control, however we continue to operate tours and are currently preparing Work Health and Safety compliance measures to ensure tour guest safety and well-being on our tours.  We are also completing the content of this website as quickly as possible and shall be updating our Tour Calendar from March 2021.

In addition to our listed Programme Tours, we can deliver a Tailored Private Charter on days on our Tour Calendar that do not show any tours scheduled.   We may require a few days notice to prepare a trip, depending upon the expectations of a particular client.

A Tailored Private Charter may be based on any of our listed tours or a version or a select combination, else with so much choice of places to see and explore we shall be happy to customise a trip according to a client's preferences, available schedule and our capacity. Just ask us. Telephone Nature Trail on 1300 355 133.