Short Hiking Tours (about 3 hours)

For visitors wish to experience a quality guided hiking tour to sample some of the best of  what the Blue Mountains landscape has to offer, and for those with limited time available, we offer a selection of Short Hiking Tours, each with a duration of about 3 hours.

Our Top Four Short Hiking Tours:


  1. Waterfalls Rainforest and Vistas
  2. Cascades Ancient Forest and Rock Stairway
  3. Wentworth Falls Explorer
  4. Grose Valley Clifftop and Waterfalls

Our others are just as great, but few know about them. But of course we do, so just ask us.

The magnificent Jamison Valley – accessible vistas from adjacent Katoomba

Our Short Hiking Tour List:


…..Tour_ Code…. ………….Tour_Title………… ……………Tour_ Area………………… Hiking Grade Group Price Link to Flyer
SH-EGE Grose Valley Clifftop and Waterfalls Grose Valley 3 $100 Flyer  pending
SH-EPP Elphinstone Plateau Panorama Western Escarpment 3 $100 Flyer  pending
SH-ESR Blue Mountains Wheelchair Access Jamison Valley 1 $100 Flyer  pending
SH-FPG Grose Valley Introduction Grose Valley 1 $100 Flyer  pending
SH-GFR Jamison Descent & Scenic Railway Exit Jamison Valley 4 $100 Flyer  pending
SH-GNH Gully Nature Heritage Katoomba 1 $100 Flyer  pending
SH-GPE Vistas Creek Hike Everglades Leura 3 $100 Flyer  pending
SH-KFR Katoomba Falls Rainforest Scenic Railway Exit Jamison Valley 4 $100 Flyer  pending
SH-KPE Jamison Clifftop Ecology Walk & Vistas Jamison Valley 2 $100 Flyer  pending
SH-KRU Waterfalls Rainforest and Vistas Jamison Valley 3 $100 Flyer  pending
SH-LCR Cascades Ancient Forest & Railway Exit Jamison Valley 3 $100 Flyer  pending
SH-LFS Cascades Ancient Forest and Rock Stairway Vistas Jamison Valley 4 $100 Flyer  pending
SH-LWC Lawson Waterfall Circuit Lawson 3 $100 Flyer  pending
SH-MYH Mount York Heritage Mount York 2 $100 Flyer  pending
SH-PJW Breathtaking Mount Pilcher Vistas Grose Valley 3 $100 Flyer  pending
SH-PPE Peckmans Plateau Ecology Katoomba 3 $100 Flyer  pending
SH-SAL Selected Accessible Lookouts Upper Mountains 2 $100 Flyer  pending
SH-TBD Bonnie Doon Ecology and Vistas Western Escarpment 3 $100 Flyer  pending
SH-VFB Mount Victoria Fairy Bower Mount Victoria 3 $100 Flyer  pending
SH-WCI Walls Cave Intrigue Grose Valley 3 $100 Flyer  pending
SH-WFX Wentworth Falls Vistas Wentworth Falls 3 $100 Flyer  pending

Tour Benefits & Inclusions: 

(What you get for no extra charge)

  • A Professional Guide:  Your friendly Tour Leader and Guide is Steve, Tour Director and the business owner of Nature Trail, locally qualified and experienced in hiking tours.  Steve designs, plans, arranges everything and delivers the tour and drives the tour vehicle;
  • A Katoomba Local: Steve is a Blue Mountains local of 20 years, based conveniently in Katoomba in the heart of the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area;
  • Quality Tour Delivery: Each tour is fully researched and then recently reconnoitred and interpretative commentary updated by Steve before each tour offered;
  • A Professional Driver:  Steve is experienced in off-road 4×4, double decker coach captain, commercial helicopter pilot, commercial coxswain, etc, so you’re in safe hands;
  • Luxury Transport:  Upper Mountains transfers (Wentworth Falls to Mount Victoria) in the comfort of our classic Range Rover, complete mod-cons at no extra charge;
  • Tour Guest Guidance: Ahead of every booked tour, Nature Trail’s operational policy that for maximum safety we email you our professional guidances about what to expect – the currenty Environmental Conditions/Limitations, What to Wear, What to Carry, and any relevant information about the forthcoming trip;
  • Tailored Commentary:  Our interpretative knowledge to suit special interests;
  • First Aid Qualified:  On every tour we responsibly carry a Remote Area First Aid Kit (fully maintained) with Remote Area First Aid qualifications and training;
  • Trip Notification:  For each remote area trip we lodge a detailed route/schedule/kit/guest manifest information with the appropriate authorities in case of emergency
  • Emergency Communications:  On every tour we responsibly carry a smartphone, satphone (Telstra/Iridium network), a personal locator beacon, and remote patient survival kit
  • Up-to-date Local Information: on local eateries, attractions, special activities, shopping, what’s on, entertainment, hire car/quality Uber drivers, day spas, travel guidance, etc.
  • Alternative Tour Options:  In case of bad weather or unforeseen access  closurers, we have the knowledge and flexibility to quickly switch to safe and exciting tour options to suit
  • Appropriate Licensing and Accreditations
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Best Pricing – we challenge you to find a better priced commercial tour in the Blue Mountains [Check out our Tour Pricing]

Tour Duration:

From our base in the township of Katoomba in the heart of the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area we have ready access to a variety of hiking tracks in both the Jamison Valley area adjacent as well as to the Grose Valley area, just 20 minutes drive away.

The duration of each of our Short Hiking Tours vary by tour of around about 3 hours and necessarily include our complementary luxury transport from our tour start location in central Katoomba and return.  Tour guests requiring transfers from their Upper Blue Mountains accommodation and return will need to make pre-arrangements with us at the time of booking.

Our more extensive hiking tours are either about Half-Day or Full-Day in duration.



We provide transport for our tour guests at no extra charge on all our Hiking Tours from our nominated Tour Meetup Point situated in central Katoomba and return to our Hiking Start Point.  We inform you of our nominated Tour Meetup Point exact location in advance upon confirmation of your booking with our receipt once you have paid your tour booking in full.

Our transport of choice is our dedicated tour vehicle is our luxury 4×4 classic Range Rover which has seating capacity for up to four tour guests, plus our driver (who is also your Tour Leader).   This specific transport service is included in our tour pricing.

Additional numbers (that is any 5th and 6th tour guests) will require contacting us well in advance so we can advise about your group making prior arrangements for a second vehicle to enable a vehicle tag-along convoy arrangement – either by utilising the group’s nominated vehicle or else hiring a car locally in Katoomba.  In such circumstances, we waive the tour fee for the group’s nominated driver of the second vehicle, and we discount the tour price by $50 for the 5th, 6th tour guests transported in the second vehicle.  This effectively reimburses your group for any car hire, expenses, inconvenience.  We think this is fair, and unlike our competition we choose not to travel by mini-bus.

Transfers from your Upper Mountains Stay

Our Tour Guests requesting vehicle transfers from either your Blue Mountains Stay or your chosen pick up and drop off points in the Upper Blue Mountains will need to make pre-arrangements with us, so that we can allow extra transport time before and after the tour for this service.

Nature Trail extends this service to the Upper Blue Mountains area – being generously from Wentworth Falls to Mount Victoria.  We cannot extend this transfer service beyond this range due to both time and cost restraints.   We do not travel to Sydney.   Instead, we always recommend visitors to the Blue Mountains take the train Katoomba Railway Station, where we will be happy to collect you, by special prior arrangement.

Tour Price:

Nature Trail offers a highly competitive flat fee for each Short Hiking Tour of just AUD$100 per tour group.  This is because we can – we operate out of our home premises in Katoomba, so we pay no commercial rent or outgoings, and we don’t employ staff so we have no wages expense.  We do not charge GST (tax) because we are too small for government to require us to pay its tax.

Tiny Group Sizes:

Tour guest numbers may vary from just one solo participant up to a maximum of 6 participants, for reasons of hiking safety.  Small numbers also allows us to make the tour personable.  Throughout our tours we frequently engage with each tour guest on a one-on-one basis which we find helps to make the tour that much more special and rewarding experience.

Tour Route Availability:

Each tour is subject to the route availability as provided by government, which can change like the wind at times.  We have to monitor the government notiifications of track closures regularly.

Provided the route is fully open and we have the time available, we shall be happy to accept bookings up until 12 hours before the requested start time.

Tour Bookings:

Bookings for tours are best made ASAP in order to secure your preferred dates and time.  Ideally this should be months in advance and made at the same time that you secure your acccomodatiion booking in the Blue Mountains.

Our operations policy requires that each participant must individually first agree to and sign our Tour Agreement before being included on any tour.

Tour booking confirmation is only secure after we have received cleared funds prepayment in full.

Tour Grades:

Nature Trail uses the Australian Walking Track Grading System as follows:

  • Grade 1:  Easy (Disabled access)
  • Grade 2:  Easy
  • Grade 3:  Moderate
  • Grade 4:  Moderate to Difficult
  • Grade 5:  Difficult

For detailed explanation about each of these track grades, please click on the following external website hyperlink:

Further Information:

[NOTE: We use the term ‘vistas‘ to best describe magnificant views from lookouts and tracks – all safely fenced]

We also seek to include local places of historical heritage as well as offering a sample of a variety of Blue Mountains lookouts by our tour vehicle with short hikes to the different lookouts.

We also recognise that some prefer to just have a taste of what the Blue Mountains has to offer, else are not as fit as some and so prefer to just sample a few local sights and experiences without undue exertion.  We are happy to suggest a suitable tour accordingly.

We are Blue Mountains locals and know the special features and experiences enjoyed by visitors.  Further, we will go out of our way to design, plan a deliver a tour to best suit your expressed interests, preferences, abilities and timeframe – we relish such challenges, get’s us out and about to showcase the best of our Blue Mountains.

Yes, we continue to operate despite the government rolling lockdowns, so please phone us to enquire about our tours.

Within Australia phone us toll-free on  1300 355 133

Outside Australia, please fill in the following form, so that we may reply to you by email.

Thanks for taking an interest in the Blue Mountains and for visiting our website.

And if we can’t offer what you want, we can recommend a local that likely can.

Enjoy your stay in to the full.

Steve, Tour Director & Business Owner

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This webpage updated 3rd December 2021.