Who our Tour Guests are

All Nature Trail Tours are open to anyone globally who is a fit, healthy and able-bodied adult who can understand and speak conversational English.  Communication is a safety prerequisite in touring and regrettably our tour leader can only understand English.

The physical tour activities that Nature Trail engages in involve hiking, multi-day trekking, and road touring that typically require walking with steps involved.

So for safety reasons for all involved on a trip, our tours are offerred only adult visitors to the Blue Mountains who are able bodied and of reasonably good health and current hiking fitness.

For our Hiking Tours and particularly more strenuous Trekking Tours we require each tour guest applicant at the time of booking to verify in writing that they have no medical condition that risks being exacerbated more than that of a person with no medical condition from undertaking strenuous hiking activity.

Children under 18 years of age are not permitted on any Nature Trail tour including Tailored Private Tours, due to the heightened injury risk as prescribed by Nature Trail’s public liability insurance terms.  We do apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and highlight that the Blue Mountains has other tour operators who may happily include children on their tours.