Tour Design and Tour Directing

Nature Trail’s extensive tour experience in designing, planning and delivery a range of tours hiking and road tours, enables us to offer Tour Design and Tour Directing services throughout New South Wales.

We listen to client’s requests and preferences and collaborate on researching and designing a tour to suit, with attention to detail and full documentation.

These Services include:




  • Clarifying the client’s required tour features and benefits
  • Identifying guest preferences and expectations
  • Route, logistics and contingency planning
  • Itinerary planning
  • Catering and equipment arrangements
  • Accommodation arrangements
  • Attractions visitation arrangements
  • Tour costing and budgeting
  • Risk analysis, mitigation and insurance administration
  • Guest enquiries, bookings and confirmation processing
  • Commentary/Narration research and scripting
  • Tour brochure/webpage design
  • Providing a Tour Leader
  • Providing a suitable vehicle and driver
  • Driver familiarisation with tour including a prior practice run



  • Our Tour Director makes sure that each tour runs smoothly throughout and that guest safety, welfare and enjoyment is ensured without any issue.
  • Our Tour Director is exclusive to and accompanies a guest group 24 hours a day on tour, from arrival until departure.   Our Tour Director leads the tour, drives the vehicle (4WD or Coach) and attend to your group’s needs at all times.
  • Meet and greet and providing all necessary transfers
  • Guest accompaniment onboard and hands-on tour management throughout the tour
  • All customer service tasks including guest briefings and Q&A
  • Tour leading, driving, coach captaining as required
  • All tour logistics – transfers, luggage handling, catering, entry fees
  • Group dynamics leadership and issue resolution
  • Contingency leadership – including damage control, deal with emergencies
  • All relevant tour documentation processing, seat allocations and help with passport and immigration issues
  • Facilitate guest accommodation check-in and arranging for special requests to their accommodation
  • Maintaining route, schedule and service quality control
  • Narration/commentary of the tour’s sights and special knowledge
  • Liaise with hotels, coach companies, restaurants and other clients
  • Maintain a tour journal and maintain records
  • Etcetera.