Only the Advanced & Self-Sufficient

Nature Trail’s provision of both 2-Day Trekking Tours and Multi-day Trekking Tours venture into remote bushland and wilderness throughout the Blue Mountains Region.

Our treks are available to only very fit advanced hikers who must be self-sufficient in trekking skills, attire, kit, shelter, food and water.

We offer trekking trips for best practice safety wish to travel with other experienced hikers.

Applicants must first satisfy appropriate prerequisites and successfully complete our Trekking Alumni Registration process.

Headline Checklist of Carry-In Item Categories include:

  • Trekking Pack 65L-80L
  • Hiking Clothing – footwear, thermals, waterproofs, gaiters
  • Food, Water Storage & Hydration
  • Cookware, Drinkware, Utensils
  • Fuel Stove & Fuels
  • Hiking Navigation Aids
  • Lighting
  • Hiking Shelter
  • Sleeping Platforms
  • First Aid & Survival Gear