Only the Advanced & Self-Sufficient

Nature Trail’s provision of both 2-Day Trekking Tours and Multi-day Trekking Tours venture into remote bushland and wilderness throughout the Blue Mountains Region.

Our treks are available to only very fit, advanced and self-sufficient hikers/trekkers who must be self-sufficient in trekking skills, attire, kit, shelter, food and water.   Applicants must first satisfy appropriate prerequisites and successfully complete our Trekking Alumni Registration process.

Headline Checklist of Carry-In Item Categories include:

  • Trekking Pack 65L-80L
  • Hiking Clothing – footwear, thermals, waterproofs, gaiters
  • Food, Water Storage & Hydration
  • Cookware, Drinkware, Utensils
  • Fuel Stove & Fuels
  • Hiking Navigation Aids
  • Lighting
  • Hiking Shelter
  • Sleeping Platforms
  • First Aid & Survival Gear