Wilderness Channel

On this webpage we have hobbled together a number of wilderness trekking videos to inspire an appreciation for the value of a wilderness landscape.  These videos are each freely available to view on the Internet via Google’s YouTube cloud software.

They are not treks by us.  These videos are by private adventurers.  We provide these links purely to serve as an indicative guide to the magical wild landscape.  These also to serve as an alert to the personal physical demands necessary to undertake longer trails through wilderness over multiple days, of the need for experience practice and planning.

IMPORTANTLY:  For safety, we do not recommend anyone undertakes any such treks without the leadership of a reputable trekking professional, nor to trek solo.











Why hike?  Hiking and trekking inculcate wisdoms about the intrinsic values of the still-wild Natural world, including about our own symbiotic temporal bond with Nature and how we choose to live our lives for those blessed with life.








..and if you’re on a long flight (with Wi-Fi) to trek somewhere in the wilderness…grab more wisdom from this one: