Only Experienced, Self-Sufficient Trekkers

Nature Trail’s provision of either 2-Day Treks or Multi-Day Treks (3+ days) venture along rugged difficult and hiking tracks through remote and bushland and wilderness throughout the Blue Mountains Region.

Nature Trail Treks are not Hiking Tours and certainly not Road Touring.

For safety and professional reasons, Nature Trail does NOT offer our treks to the general public NOR to private groups on a charter arrangement.  Instead, we only offer Nature Trail Treks only to registered members of our internal Trekking Alumni, each of whom is required to have previously passed our stringent eligibility criteria and testing.

On Nature Trail Treks we do NOT provide any personal kit (clothing, gear or sustenance) to any participant on a Trek.  Instead, Trek participants are required to be completely self-sufficient for all their own personal clothing, gear and sustenance throughout the trek.

However, what Nature Trail does offer that makes its Treks value-added is hightened safety and security as a professionally planned and led group of qualified experts, compared with trekkers who dangerously risk going solo with no backup.

Applicants must first satisfy appropriate prerequisites and successfully complete our Trekking Alumni Registration process.

Trek Participant Mandatory Carry-In Kit:

  • Specialised hiking clothing – footwear, thermals, waterproofs, multiple socks
  • Trekking Pack 65L-80L
  • Personal sustenance – drinking water, purification, food
  • Cookware, Drinkware, Utensils
  • Fuel Stove & Fuels
  • Hiking Navigation Aids
  • Portable Lighting
  • Hiking shelter/tent
  • Sleeping gear