Trip Backup to Local Operators

Nature Trail is pleased to offer a ‘Trip Backup Service’ support initiative exclusively to Blue Mountains based tour operators for groups up to 4 passengers and 4 rucksacks.

At Nature Trail, we are a Katoomba based tour operator with an emphasis on small group Hiking Tours and Road Tours throughout the Blue Mountains Region, and beyond.  We have a dedicated touring vehicle, a 4×4 Range Rover.  Steve the owner, has lived in Katoomba since 2001 and is familiar with most of the trails, vehicular tracks and locales of Greater Blue Mountains region.

Please note that we are not qualified in any rope-work related activities

Steve is a trained and experiences tour director, trip leader and 4×4 driver.  On return from our tours we always refuel and prepare ready for the next tour.  So we have a ready 4×4 vehicle based at Katoomba when we are not touring.

We offer a backup walking tour guide service as well as a backup 4×4 tour service to tour operators based in the Blue Mountains region.

Consider the following tour predicaments:

  1. You or your guide/driver is not able to make it for a current/pending tour (hiking or 4×4)
  2. Ready to go, but your tour vehicle has a mechanical problem
  3. On tour and your vehicle won’t start or is stuck
  4. A passenger needs medical attention, meaning terminating the tour unless you get a backup vehicle


  • Minimum Fee: $200
  • Job Rate:  the greater of either $3/km, or $40/half hour (or part thereof)

Service Terms:

  • To be eligible, tour operators must first register with Nature Trail (we need to meet you in advance, since this special service is based upon mutual trust)
  • Service is subject to Nature Trail availability (if we happen to be committed to our own tour, then logically we can’t be available) as well as external factors such as road access.
  • Price on application – subject to actual km/hours matching estimates
  • Nature Trail reserves the sole right to charge extra fees if operational response exceeds the estimate
  • Job calculations of distance and time are made by Nature Trail in advance
  • Credit card prepayment in full – if actual km/time is less than estimated then the difference is refunded
  • Backup Tour Service is restricted to people, not vehicle/equipment recovery (in time we may include vehicle/equipment recovery subject to our own recovery equipment capabilities).

Example Scenario:

Your 4×4 tour vehicle breaks down at Kanangra Walls car park. 3 pax and tour leader require return road transport directly back to Katoomba Railway Station.

Price Calculations:

  • Round trip distance (Katoomba to Kanangra Walls car park) = 212 km
  • Round trip drive time estimate (allowing for poor conditions) = 6 hours
  • Destination Dwell Allowance = 1 hour
  • Distance Charge = $636   (212km x $3/km)
  • Time Charge =  $560    (6 + 1 hours x $80/hr)

So, Nature Trail Backup Fee = $636   (i.e. the greater calculation)


If you are a local Blue Mountains based tour operator interested in considering participating in our Trip Backup Service initiative, then please contact Steve to discuss.

Tel:  1300 355 133

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This webpage updated 7th January 2023.