Tour Guest Guidance

Once Nature Trail confirms a tour booking with an applicant, we then communicate helpful preparatory guidance via email to each applicant ahead of the tour start date.

We term this our Tour Guest Guidance and it is for reasons of the safety and welfare of our tour guests.  Professionally, it is to ensure that our tour guests are all duly informed in advance of each tour about what to expect and how best to prepare.

For a private charter, we supply this information to the group co-ordinator to pass on to each group member.

The guidance information we include is:

  1. Your Booked Tour Arrangements
    • Tour Title
    • Tour Duration
    • Trip Date(s)
    • Tour numbers  (for protocol our Trip Leader carries a Tour Guest Manifest with vital information in case of an incident/emergency.  This is kept confidential).
    • Tour Meetup exact location (with mud map)
    • Tour Start and Finish times
    • Any transfer arrangements
    • Tour Style
    • Hike grade, terrain, and track conditions (hiking tours only)
    • Hiking distance (hiking tours only)
    • Proportion of sun/UV exposure relative to shade enroute
  2. Important Tour Preparation by Tour Guests
    • What to wear
    • What to carry
    • Any catering arrangements
    • Emergency contact person notified with this Tour Guest Guidance document
  3. Environmental Conditions Forecast
    • Forecast weather conditions and trend for the tour area
    • Any forecast weather warnings or extremes (including temp, wind, precipitation, UV index, bushfire alerts)
    • Sunset time
    • Any land manager alerts/closures – Parks Service, local council(s)
    • Any relevant road closures.