When We Go

Nature Trail operates seven days a week, all year round and in most weather including rain.  The only restrictions on not proceeding with a scheduled booked tour would be due to environmental conditions either for safety reasons or due to access closures in which case we shall advise each booked guest as early as possible.

All our Hiking Tours, Road Touring and Treks (walking) operate during daylight hours for safety.  Generally we prefer and early start (usually 7am) – the cooler part of the day, in order to get the most out of the day and more opportunity to see wildlife.  An early start also means that we usually have places all to ourselves.

Nature Trail’s List of ‘Environmental Conditions’ that trigger a Tour Cancellation

  1. Bushfire activity in the national park of the tour
  2. National Park access closed to the specific hiking tour route
  3. Road closure preventing access to the tour area
  4. Actual or forecast temperature of 30 degrees Celsius or higher in the tour area
  5. Actual or forecast temperature of zero degrees Celsius or lower in the tour area
  6. Actual or forecast thunderstorm (lightning risk) in the tour area
  7. Actual or forecast wind gusts of 30kph (16 knots) or higher in the tour area
  8. Actual or forecast sleet/snow in the tour area.

Logically, our Road Tours to Country Fairs are only run at the dates of those particular events.

Nature Trail reserves the exclusive right to cancel a booked tour due to unforeseen circumstances, in which case we willl notify you immediately and promptly refund 100% of the pre-paid tour price.