Trek Pricing

Nature Trail is a professional tour operator.  It is not an outdoor club, nor a charity.

Nature Trail’s pricing policy aims to be fair, simple, transparent, competitive and commercially viable.  So, yes we charge fair fees accordingly.

The following current prices apply to Nature Trail Treks.

  1. Vetted Registration with Nature Trail’s ‘Trekking Alumni’ group: $20 per year
  2. Trek Fee: $50 per day per trekker (includes fuel cost of Nature Trail vehicle, requires 6 trekkers min/max including Nature Trail’s Trek Leader
  3. Transport Fee (2 vehicles):  $1 per combined km distance – total shared equally (both drivers excluded for doing driving)
  4. Trekker Kit (gear, clothing, sustenance): Nil, required to be self-supplied by each trekker


Trek Pricing Terms


  1. All our trek pricing is shown in Australian Dollars
  2. Nature Trail is not registered for GST, so NO additional tax is charged
  3. Annual subscription to Nature Trail’s ‘Trekking Alumni’ is payable in full on subscription approval application and then renewable by 30th June every year.