Trekking Alumni

Conceived in December 2017, Nature Trail’s Trekking Alumni is our registered pool of trekkers that we have informal association with, who are each vetted as advanced independent trekkers.

Nature Trail’s Trekking Alumni forms part of Nature Trail’s quality assurance programme.

It is only such individuals whom we invite on our treks for safety reasons, due to the advanced nature off our treks being either 2-day or multi-day, through remote wilderness, over tracks of difficult grade, unpredictable weather conditions, strenuous and so demanding advanced hiking ability, necessitating rucksack-tent camping and necessitating each participant carries all his/her own kits throughout (rucksack, clothing, shelter, camp gear, food, water, etc.).

Our rationale in restricting participation on our treks is as follows:

  1. Our treks are unsuitable for participants who do not have the above trekking ability, experience and camping skills; strength and stamina to carry a large loaded rucksack; and familiarity with the demands of multi-day trekking.
  2. For safety and reliability, each participant on a trek can be reassured that all other participants have the requisite experience and kit, can cope physically and mentally with the demands of the trek and so not withdraw enroute at some remote location (emergencies excepted).
  3. By requiring each participant be comprehensively independent and self-sufficient in kit, Nature Trail is able to lead treks without the need for the cost of catering and camping logistics so so offer/deliver treks at an affordable price fairly to each participant.
  4. Treks only attract experienced hikers/trekkers who invariably over the years have built up their own kits, customised to each personal preference.  Trekkers expect to be self-sufficient.  This means that Nature Trail’s trek leader need only focus on the task at hand and not be distracted by trying to cater for an array of individual preferences.  The trek leader does not cook for others, erect tents for others, nor Sherpa others rucksacks.
  5. The trek leader need only carry only his own kit, plus responsibly portable emergency communication devices, navigational equipment and a remote area group first aid kit.

We conceived a Trekking Alumni because we saw a need when none existed.



To successful register with Nature Trail’s Trekking Alumni, applicants must first:

  1. Be aged between 18-years and 70 years;
  2. Be proven self-sufficient in day hiking and multi-day trekking – clothing, kit, shelter, food, drinking water, personal first aid kit;
  3. Hold hiking qualifications and experience to a standard at least equivalent to a NSW TAFE Certificate IV in Outdoor Recreation (with bushwalking a key module set);
  4. Submit a current medical fitness declaration by a GP and complete and sign Nature Trail’s detailed Medical Declaration and Emergency Contact Information (received by Nature Trail in strict confidence);
  5. First complete 2 x Full-Day Nature Trail Hiking Tours – displaying excellent health, hiking fitness, hiking stamina, backpack camping skills, personal kit standards and trekking self-sufficiency – all to Nature Trail’s Trek Leader’s satisfaction;
  6. Agree in writing to Nature Trail’s Trekking Alumni Agreement which includes Nature Trail’s Trekking Terms and Conditions and Trekking Alumni Rules;
  7. Pass Nature Trail’s Trekking Alumni Selection Interview process (by the Trek Leader).
  8. Participation on any Nature Trail Multi-Day Trek first requires completion of two Nature Trail 2-Day Treks to Nature Trail’s Trek Leader’s satisfaction.



  • Annual Subscription: $20 to Nature Trail’s Trekking Alumni pre-paid in full




  • Trek Fee: $50 per day per trek participant, prepaid in full
  • Fuel Cost Equal Sharing:   To keep Nature Trail’s costs low and therefore our pricing low, we require total fuel costs of a trek to be evenly shared by the trekkers  (NOTE: our treks usually involve driving some distances from Katoomba to the selected trekking area).  Trekkers usually have the option of providing their own transport and fuel arrangements.  For protocol and safety, Nature Trail’s tour vehicle driven by the Trek Leader will always lead the trek transport and carry the first two trekkers booked.


Interested in finding out more?

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