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Nature Trail’s Road Touring is all about heading off in our 4-passenger luxury restored 4×4 tour vehicle to explore the Blue Mountains region by road – typically along counry roads and selected local village streets.

There are plenty of opportunities to hop off and walk around at various places enroute.  Our Road Touring does not involve any hiking and the walking is not long or demanding much exertion – we are on holidays!

All our Road Touring is bespoke, small group (1 to 10), half day to multi-day (independent accommodation helped arranged), with quality gourmet catering options (cafe, restaurant, picnic, or self-catered).

We are a small group tour operator and on our Road Touring we allow for just one solo guest (*see NOTE below) up to a maximum of 10 guests.

From Nature Trail’s base in Katoomba in the Blue Mountains, our tour possibilities are enhanced from our close proximity to our tour journeys and destinations around us and to the west, south, north and into the adjoining New South Wales Central Tablelands beyond.

We just love travel and exploring, meeting the folk we meet en route and then sharing our experiences with visitors to our region.

Our temperate mountains provide a cool climate and a diverse countryside varying from wilderness to pastoral to Australian colonial heritage .  The choice and extent of rural landscape stretches 150km west to the historic district of Orange, 150km south to the wilderness of Budawang National Park and north 270km to the old-growth Gondwana forests and plateaus of Barrington Tops National Park.

Being local, we are pleased to take you the extra mile to become part of these magnificent and diverse landscapes and to introduce you to its culturally rich local folk and their creative rural passions.

*NOTE:  A solo tour guest attracts a 50% surcharge in order for the tour to be commercially viable for us and also since such a tour then becomes a premium private chauffered tour.


Nature Trail also offers an array of bespoke designed and fully researched special interest tour options including venturing to places deeper into the Blue Mountains World Heritage and beyond, as follows:


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This webpage updated 3rd December 2021.