Nature Workshops

The Blue Mountains, like much of wild Australia is beautiful and awe inspiring.  The sublime joy from a summit reward sensibly requires good fitness, hiking training and experience, navigation skills, a well formed plan, the right gear, due reconnaissance, weather forecast and weather perception, group field leadership and trip governance.

We consider hiking to be a wilderness craft.  We adopt an ecological best practice approach to hiking, which we term ‘eco-hiking’.  Eco-hiking philosophy is that we are guests in the host ecology and so we remain at all times respectful to the sensitivity and scarcity of ecology, causing no damage and leaving no trace of our passing though.

A special offering of Nature Trail, perhaps unique, are our Nature Workshops offered out in situ in the wild.   We offer limited specialised hikes into remote bushland in which we provide special workshop skills training in the craft of eco-hiking.

Topics that we explore on our Nature Workshops:

  • Habitat Communities Workshop
  • Wildflowers Workshop
  • Trees and Vegetation Workshop
  • Birdwatching Workshop
  • Nature Photography Workshop
  • Best Practice ‘eco-hiking’ Workshop
  • Interpreting Wilderness Lie-of-the-Land and Habitat
  • Native Wildlife Workshop
  • Hiking Skills Workshop
  • Hiking Gear Workshop
  • Hiking Navigation with Map and/or Compass Workshop
  • Hiking Navigation with No Map or Compass Workshop
  • Hiking GPS Navigation Workshop
  • Track Distance Measuring Techniques Workshop
  • Wilderness Survival Skills Workshop
  • Lost Prevention and Recovery Workshop
  • Hiking Proactive Injury Avoidance Workshop
  • Benighted Campsite Selection and Shelter Construction Workshop
  • Lighting a Campfire in the Wet Workshop.