Trekking Gear

[This webpage updated 2021-12-01]

This webpage entitled ‘Trekking Gear‘ serves to provide useful information about our recommended gear for those who wish to join us on Nature Trail Treks in the Blue Mountains Region of New South Wales in Australia.

This webpage is to be read subject to Nature Trail’s Disclaimer:

At Nature Trail, we choose to distinguish our Hiking Tours (with durations ranging from a short few hours to a long day) from our Treks which are either a 2-Day Trek or a Multi-Day Trek (spanning 3+ days).

Unlike our Hiking Tours, each Nature Trail Trek necessitates trek-in overnight camping in typically remote wilderness.  Each invited participant is required to be personally self-sufficient in hiking clothing, gear, sustenance (food and drinking water), and camping gear (tent, sleeping bag and remote cooking kit) all carried by personal backpack.

We therefore responsibly provide our experienced-based guidance on a recommended selection of trekking gear as follows:

Gear Types List

(content details pending)

  1. Boots
  2. Socks
  3. Trouser Pants
  4. Shirts
  5. Headwear
  6. Thermals
  7. Raingear
  8. Water Flasks & Purification
  9. Hiking Poles
  10. Backpacks
  11. Tents & Tarps
  12. Sleeping Bags
  13. Remote Self-Catering
  14. Stoves
  15. Utensils and Knives
  16. Maps
  17. Compasses
  18. Portable GPS Communication
  19. Portable GPS Navigation
  20. Portable GPS Beacons
  21. Portable GPS Fitness Trackers
  22. Portable Lighting
  23. Remote First Aid Kits
  24. Campfire Starters
  25. Gear Repair Kits
  26. Remote Toiletries Kit
  27. Elements Protection Kit
  28. Remote Survival Books
  29. Other Trekking Accessories
  30. Stockists