Tour Bookings

All Nature Trail tours are now private charters.

We operate on a first come first served basis and require a minimum notice period of 12 hours before an agreed tour start time.  This includes prepayment in full into our business bank account.  This is so that we have sufficient time to review the information and to plan and arrange the deliverables for the tour to a high standard.

Our Bank Details are:

Bank:  Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Account Name:  Nature Trail

BSB:   062–559

Account Number:   (Phone us)

Inside Australia, for all tour booking enquiries please telephone Nature Trail on 1300 355 133.

Outside Australia, for all tour booking enquiries please complete and submit the following enquiry form and it shall be sent as an email to us.  We shall reply to you as soon as possible.

Tour Booking Process

Our Tour Booking Process is fairly straight forward.  Once contact is established with Nature Trail, we engage in an email exchange with you as the applicant.

For each Private Charter we engage by email with the applicant group co-ordinator to identify the Tour Specifications desired for the charter – group preferences, interests,  timeframes, any special requests, limitations, etc.   Once agreed, we then email a Tour Agreement to the group co-ordinator in which we will have pre-filled in the Tour Specifications section based upon what has been agreed by email exchange.

The information we seek and provide in our Tour Agreement includes the following key information:

  1. Our courtesy Covering Letter
  2. The Tour Specifications – as discussed with the applicant in advance (usually phone or email exchange)
  3. Tour Guest Particulars & Disclosures
    • Name, Mobile Number, Emergency Contact
    • Age Range, Physical Health Level, Fitness Level, Hiking Experience
    • Any Medical Condition, medications, disabilities, injuries, illnesses, vaccinations
    • Any allergies, food intolerances, phobias or concerns
  4. Tour Terms and Conditions
  5. Tour Guest Acceptance – name, signature, and date signed
  6. Tour Invoice (with our banking details).

Once we accept back the completed Tour Agreement, we review the details to ensure all is in order.  If we identify any potential concerns about the information we receive back, then we will immediately contact your to discuss and queries we may have.