Where We Go

Nature Trail tours all start and finish from our home township of Katoomba in the heart of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area.

Nature Trail touring range typically extends from Katoomba out to a radius of about 10km for day trips as the crow flies.  For two-day trips this radius extends out to a maximum of about 20km, and for multi-day trips this radius extends out to a maximum of about 100km from Katoomba.

The further we travel from Katoomba the more days we spend.  This approach minimizes the time spent travelling by car in a given day.  We value being in the great outdoors more.

Basically this map shows the extent of our touring range (hiking and road touring), and we exclude the greater Sydney metropolis.

The essential focus and offering of Nature Trail are hiking tours in order to experience and immerse in Nature, and our tours include 4×4 transport services to and from our selected hiking locations.

There is an hourly passenger train service from Central Railway Station in Sydney to Katoomba in the Blue Mountains.  We offer guest tour transfer pick up and return anywhere in the Upper Blue Mountains between Wentworth Falls and Mount Victoria.  This includes Katoomba Railway Station and nominated accommodation addresses.

Our tours travel throughout the Blue Mountains Region which includes the following national parks and nature reserves:

  1. Blue Mountains National Park
  2. Gardens of Stone National Park
  3. Jenolan Karst Conservation Reserve
  4. Kanangra-Boyd National Park
  5. Nattai National Park
  6. Thirlmere Lakes National Park
  7. Wollemi National Park
  8. Yengo National Park

Some of our tours also venture beyond the Blue Mountains south, west and north, and  respectively into the the NSW Central Tablelands and NSW Southern Highlands.

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This webpage updated 6th January 2023.