Blue Mountains Private Tours in Autumn 2019

At Nature Trail we are pleased to offer our Private Tour Programme for the Autumn 2019 season below.  We offer these at no commercial charge.

We explore an eclectic mix of short hiking tours, full-day hiking tours, overnight treks, nature workshops, wilderness experiences, open garden tours as well as special interest tours.

Trip_Version Trip_ID Tour_Code ……………….Tour_Title……………….. Day ….Date….
Practice 84 HK-KPE Katoomba Cascades Prince Henry Echo Wed 6-Mar-19
Practice 85 HK-GFS Giant Stairway Federal Scenic Mon 6-Mar-19
Practice 86 HK-KFS Katoomba Furbers Scenic Wed 6-Mar-19
Recce 87 NW-LCS Leura Cascades to Scenic Mon 11-Mar-19
Research 88 HK-BMW Blue Mountains Wildflowers Fri 15-Mar-19
Recce 89 HK-EWS Explorer Walkways Scenic Mon 18-Mar-19
Scout 90 NW-BMB Blue Mountains Birdlife Fri 22-Mar-19
Practice 91 HK-WFX Wentworth Falls Explorer Mon 25-Mar-19
Recce 92 HK-BGF Blue Gum Forest Fri 29-Mar-19
Practice 93 HK-GVD Grose Valley Deep Mon 1-Apr-19
Scout 94 NW-BMS Blue Mountains Swamps Wed 3-Apr-19
Recce 95 GN-ESG Everglades and Sorensen Gardens Fri 5-Apr-19
Practice 96 HK-GCM Grand Canyon Majesty Mon 8-Apr-19
Practice 97 HK-GPE Gordons Pool of Siloam to Everglades Fri 12-Apr-19
Scout 98 GN-MWG Mount Wilson Gardens Mon 15-Apr-19
Scout 99 GN-MTG Mount Tomah Gardens Mon 15-Apr-19
Scout 100 WE-MBW Mount Banks Wilderness Mon 15-Apr-19
Scout 101 WE-MHW Mount Hay Wilderness Fri 19-Apr-19
Scout 102 WE-LPW Lockley Pylon Wilderness Mon 22-Apr-19
Recce 103 WE-FRD Fortress Ridge and Darks Cave Wilderness Fri 26-Apr-19
Practice 104 HK-DVC Darwin’s Walk Views Conservation Hut Mon 29-Apr-19
Practice 105 HK-GEP Grose Escarpment Panorama Fri 3-May-19
Recce 106 HK-VFB Mount Victoria Fairy Bower Mon 6-May-19
Scout 107 NW-BMG Blue Mountains Geology Fri 10-May-19
Scout 108 HK-SAL Selected Accessible Lookouts Mon 13-May-19
Recce 109 BH-LVX Lithgow Valley Explorer Fri 17-May-19
Scout 110 MT-NPX Newnes Plateau Explorer Mon 20-May-19
Recce 111 HK-KSG Katoomba Falls Scenic Golden Stairs Fri 24-May-19
Practice 112 HK-WCI Walls Cave Intrigue Mon 27-May-19
Scout 113 NW-BMW Blue Mountains Wildflowers Fri 31-May-19

If you wish to enquire about participating on any of these tours, then please contact Steve to discuss as early as possible.

Enquire about a Private Tour

Enquiries: 1300 355 133


Currently Non-Commercial:   Nature Trail is a new start up business undergoing the final stages of commercialisation, including acquiring an Eco-Pass to be able to commercially operate within the Blue Mountains National Park.  So we are not yet operating commercially.

So currently we only offer our tours on a private basis, at no commercial charge.

We invite current and past students/staff of TAFE Outdoor Recreation, TAFE Guiding, plus members and volunteers of the Blue Mountains Accommodation and Tourism Association (BMATA) to participate.  This is our way of giving back to TAFE training and to Blue Mountains tourism.  We also invite registered Friends of Nature Trail.

Tour Suitability:   In order to ensure tour safety and to comply with our insurance risk management policy, tour participants need to:

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Have a good level of health and fitness
  • Accept self-catering costs responsibility – gear, food, snacks, drinking water
  • Wear suitable clothing and carry required items relevant to the intended tour
  • Pre-pay specified direct tour costs – fuel share costs, site fees, site guide fees


Terms and Conditions:  Ahead of each tour, each tour participant is required to have completed our Guest Booking Form and Private Tour Agreement.


Trip Versions:

To ensure a high standard of commercial tour delivery, Nature Trail for each tour undertakes a series of research trips in order to maximise the tour experience value by refining details before offering the tour commercially to our guests.

Research‘ = This is Nature Trail’s preliminary theoretical research survey of a proposed tour.  It is usually undertaken at Nature Trail Base using planning tools such as our in-house tour planning forms, maps, Internet and making phone enquiries.

Scout‘ = Nature Trail’s initial survey of a proposed tour design – journaling, exploring variations, schedule is flexible.  No commentary, no catering, limited transfer/transport. Route is highly exploratory with many stops and starts.  Participation is free of charge and available only to registered Friends of Nature Trail.

Recce‘ = Nature Trail’s first group test of a tour plan with a selected route and draft schedule, with journaling. No commentary, no catering, limited transfer/transport. Participation is free of charge and available only to registered Friends of Nature Trail.

Practice‘ = Nature Trail’s practice trip is free-of charge tour delivery to a commercial standard, following a refined tour plan, selected route and tested schedule, with limited commentary and with journaling.  There is no catering, limited transfer/transport. Participation is free of charge and available only to registered Friends of Nature Trail.

Commercial‘ = Nature Trail’s polished commercial tour delivery, following a refined tour plan, selected route and tested schedule, with full researched interpretative commentary, catering, includes transport and guest transfers in the Upper Blue Mountains.  Available only to prepaid guests.   These tours are also available for private charter subject to availability.


Tours Confirmed:  Tours and their dates above are confirmed to proceed (save unforeseen circumstances). Any tours highlighted in red above have already been completed.


Timings:  Tour Departures are generally from 7am and are full-day duration finishing by about 4pm unless otherwise advised.  More accurate return estimates are calculated and published on this website a few days before the tour date.


Location:  All tours depart and return from Katoomba Railway Station.


Transfers:  Vehicle transfers to from Nature Trail base need to be arranged with us well before the tour date ASAP.  Nature Trail transfers are complimentary and our pickup/drop-off range extends from Wentworth Falls to Mount Victoria.


Tag-Along Option:  Participants may wish to be independent and to tag-along in their own vehicles and after the tour to make their own arrangements – such as local lunch or to drive somewhere else.  However, for safety briefing reasons all participants needs to first meet up at Nature Trail Base at the Tour Start Time.

Any tours highlighted in red above will have already been undertaken.


Registered Friends of Nature Trail:   This is our group of ‘friends’ whom we have come to know who have registered their interest and particulars with Nature Trail for participation on regular Nature Trail tours on an ongoing basis.   Each is required to completed our Guest Booking Form, Private Tour Agreement and Friends Registration Form, and have successfully participated on at least one Nature Trail tour.

Nature Trail anticipates offering commercial tours from late-2019.

Thank you for your ongoing interest and support.

Steve, Tour Director