Track Conditions

Track Conditions relate to both Nature Trail’s Hiking Tours and Treks, which respectively typically traverse through remote natural landscape environments.


Track Conditions do not relate to the official Track Grade of a given hiking track, but more to the condition of track maintenance which affects the standard of the hiking experience.

This is from Nature Trail’s recent experience with a given hiking track and includes the following features where apparent:

  • Track head information shelter presence
  • Built toilet presence
  • Track Definition
  • Clarity of track junctions
  • Presence/quality of track signage
  • Track widths
  • Recent mud
  • Observed hazards – trip, slip, snake seen, exposed tree roots, clifftop exposure
  • Track accident history
  • Obstacles – such as tree falls, boulder climb, track closures
  • Overgrowth – such as long grass with heightened snake risk
  • Fencing condition at lookouts
  • Handrail presence and condition on ascents and descents (hot handrails in direct sun can be untouchable)
  • Bench seat provision
  • Rock overhand shelters in times of rain
  • Emergency benighted campsite options
  • Mobile phone receptivity (Nature Trail uses Telstra only)
  • Wind/lightning exposure
  • Direct sun and ultra-violet light exposure (on extremely hot clear sky days)
  • Alternate escape track routes in times of emergency
  • The proximity of vehicular roads/tracks to the hiking track