Four Wheel Drive Tours

Nature Trail offers a selection of day tours from our Katoomba base along 4×4 vehicular tracks through wilderness and magnificent wild scenery of the Blue Mountains Region.

These vehicular tracks provides a special opportunity to experience true wilderness that a standard 2-wheel-drive or even an all-wheel drive SUV could not reliably tackle.

Our 4×4 training, experience and local knowledge of selected 4×4 tracks also makes it a safer drive, than for visitors to attempt to undertake sight unseen and usually with no maps or emergency GPS communictions – which we have in spades!

The typical route grades that we offer are rated ‘Easy’ for safety and reliability.  We also reconnoitre the selected route in the days prior to delivering a booked Four Wheel Drive Tour.

For safety, we do not venture on any off-road vehicular track that is graded more difficult than ‘Easy’.  This is especially because we have just one 4×4 vehicle and we are obliged to  keep as reasonably as possible to our tour schedule as our commitment to our tour guests, who may well have other arrangements made after out tour.

Also, our tour vehicle is mostly a luxury restored Range Rover acquired and intended for premium tour delivery.  It is not therefore a vehicle we wish to expose to damage along rough and difficult 4×4 tracks in which we could become stuck and so delayed.

We do not have not the full off-road recovery gear (winch, snap strap, off-road jack, shovels, etc.) nor a second 4×4 bvehicle to get us out of trouble on those really rough tracks).