What to Expect

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What to Expect

With Nature Trail our ‘tour style’ is relaxed, engaging, professional and friendly.

We emphasise safety, comfort and enjoyment in our walks.  Our aim is not to get from A to B as quickly as possible – that can be done on any running track, but instead to savour the journey experiences along the way.  These wonderfully vary with each tour, repeat trip, season and weather variation.  It’s because the wild places we travel through are rich in beauty and wonder in their own natural way.

All our walks are on established walking tracks from easy to medium grade. Sometimes a walking track grade or section may require some exertion, but we plan, research and reconnoitre every route in advance, so we know what to expect.  This attention to detail allows us to add special value to each walk experience, as well as to ensure maximum safety.  Each tour brochure page on our website clearly explains what can be expected – track grade, distance, duration, fitness required.

Our philosophy is about health and exercise in the high Blue Mountains fresh air. Nature Trail is about Nature interpretative guiding, which is all about taking a closer interest in the journey, the landscape, the wildlife, vegetation and the stories about the special places along the way.

Our pace is typically about half that of energetic club bushwalkers, however we return with richer memories, great photos, and well-exercised.

We frequently ‘Nature pause’ to catch our breath, sample the fresh Mountain air, the fragrance of Eucalypts, take in the scenery, taking photos, observing wildlife by chance, even dipping toes into a cool stream en route.

If this tour style suits you, then we’ll be our pleasure to have you join us.





Currently we are not operating commercially because we are yet to purchase a suitable 4WD vehicle.

This is our intended ‘troopy’ when the time comes.  For each of our walking tours, we shall be offering full transfers for our guests between Wentworth Falls and Mount Victoria in the upper Central Blue Mountains.  Participant numbers per tour:  minimum 2, maximum 6.





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